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Tropifit Rodent and Rabbit Snack -110g

Tropifit  Rodent and Rabbit Snack -110g
Tropifit Rodent and Rabbit Snack -110g
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Rodent & Rabbit Snack is a delicious snack with healthy alfalfa for all species of rodents (including mice, rats, hamsters, domestic cavies, gerbils) and rabbits. The size and shape of the snack are designed so that animals can easily hold it and rub their teeth against the hard surface. The zeolite and fiber present in the treat have a positive effect on the digestive tract and remove toxins from the body, and valuable vitamins, micro and macro elements (including iodine from kelp algae) ensure excellent condition for rodents. The snack does not contain sugar.

- a tasty snack for rodents
- a special production process increases the digestibility and absorption of nutrients
- the size and shape of the granules allow animals to grind their teeth and maintain oral hygiene
- zeolite and fiber support the digestive tract and remove toxins from the body
- the addition of kelp algae, macro- and microelements ensures excellent condition of rodents

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