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TropiFit Premium Plus Food for Hamster 750g

TropiFit  Premium Plus Food for Hamster 750g
TropiFit Premium Plus Food for Hamster 750g
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Tropifit Premium Plus Hamster is a complete food for hamsters based on granules with grasses, alfalfa, apple, currant, linseed and turkey, and with the addition of dried, vitamin-rich vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs. The prebiotic properties of many food components stimulate the development of normal intestinal flora and support the immune system. The addition of zeolite reduces the unpleasant smell of faeces. The food does not contain genetically modified ingredients (GMO), preservatives, flavor enhancers, added sugar and flavors.Tropifit Premium Plus products are a fully balanced line of food for rodents and other small mammals, enabling them to be nourished according to the natural. Each food takes into account the individual needs of the species for which it is intended. In addition to high-quality granules with apple, currant, grass, alfalfa, sunflower, etc., Tropifit Premium Plus foods include large pieces of dried vegetables and fruits as well as dried herbs full of aromas, such as parsley, mint, chamomile and calendula flower.

- premium plus food, intended for daily feeding
- combination of easily digestible granules with fruit and vegetables
- prebiotic properties of the ingredients stimulate the development of normal intestinal bacterial     flora and support the immune system
- improves peristalsis and intestinal function, prevents flatulence
- zeolite reduces the unpleasant smell of faeces

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