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Tropifit Chinchilla Food

Tropifit  Chinchilla Food
Tropifit Chinchilla Food
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Tropifit Chinchilla Food

Chinchilla is a complete food for chinchillas kept as companion animals, with the addition of carrots and beetroot. The basic ingredient of Chinchilla food are granules from cereals and alfalfa obtained by extrusion, which increases the digestibility and absorption of nutrients contained in cereals and alfalfa. In addition, extrusion eliminates bacteria and fungi present in natural raw materials. The size and shape of the granules allow the animals to grind their teeth and maintain oral hygiene. The use of multi-component granules in Chinchilla's food excludes selective food intake, and the fructooligosaccharides (FOS) they contain have a positive effect on digestion and intestinal bacterial flora. The wealth of nutrients contained in Chinchilla food and derived from natural sources of vitamins.

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