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Brand: Rosewood Model: 19455
Most animals get to chew on nutritious roots in the wild, but our pets don't often get this opportunity.  The solution is the carefully harvested and dried dandelion and nettle roots. Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and great for helping to wear growing teeth.Recommended for Rabbits and..
Brand: Rosewood Model: 19425
Hang this bell of fragrant parsley and wheat in your pet's cage to make them stretch and work: keeping them busy for many days. Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and all other Small Animals.  Made only from 100% natural ingredients...
Rosewood   Grainless Nibble Pots- 75g
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Brand: Rosewood Model: 19507
Ideal treat made only from 100% natural ingredients. Cereal-free, crunchy pots made with beneficial vegetables, herbs and seeds. Filled with one of six tasty vegetables or edible flowers. Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs hamsters and all other small animals...
Brand: Rosewood Model: 19464
Rosewood Naturals Nibble ‘N’ Gnaw Stacker Small Animal Treats are a fun stack of flavours and textures. Hang them from your pet’s habitat to give them hours of gnawing fun! Each stack is made of 2 baked treats, a parsley block treat, a willow ball, a wood gnaw, and also a herbal ring. There’s someth..
Brand: Rosewood Model: 19505
Combined treat, toy and gnaw. Nibbletastic fun with lots of beneficial wood to knaw on; plus two challenging cookies and an edible willlow ball. Safe and beneficial. Keeps pets entertained and stimulated, a tasty playground heaven. 100% natural ingredients. Ideal for hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and m..
Rosewood   Rollin Rodent Sand Bath
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Brand: Rosewood Model: 19549
Smaller rodents will love to "wash away" the days stresses with a roll around in our cooling sand bath. The bathing box is made from edible board coated in meadow hay and will contain the special saprolite bathing sand, which is softer and kinder to your pets fur and helps to absorb excess oils..
Rosewood   Trio of Fun Balls
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Brand: Rosewood Model: 19478
An assortment of fun play balls and chew balls to keep your pet entertained for hours. Made from 100% natural materials including rattan, seagrass and water hyacinth. Completely glue and staple free!! Three-pack of fun and engaging ball toys are ideally suited for guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabb..
Brand: Rosewood Model: 19546
Give your pets the best of all worlds with our wonderful mix of natural, gnaw able apple wood sticks, tasty apple fruit and crisp and nutritious blackberry leaves. Rich in fiber and ideal for all Small Animals...
Rosewood  Apple Pansy Nibble Hearts - 120g
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Brand: Rosewood Model: 19487
The Rosewood Naturals Apple and Pansy Nibble Hearts are the ideal treat for your small animal! Made with vegetables and herbs with wonderful flavours of real apple and edible pansy flowers. The perfect way to show your pet just how much you love them! Each pack contains 6 heart cookies...
Brand: Rosewood Model: 19454
These yummy and unique "Apple, Strawberry & Spinach Bunnies" are brought to you by Rosewood Pet Products, whose Naturals brand has always been driven by their desire to provide customers and their pets a better quality treat made from 100% natural ingredients for better health and well being.The..
Rosewood  Autumn Harvest  - 150g
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Brand: Rosewood Model: 19545
We've taken nature's riches from the field and hedgerow and created a delicious mix of goodness for your pet. Add a little bowlful, sprinkle on their main food or mix into hay to make their day. Suitable for all Small Animals..
Brand: Rosewood Model: 19402
Two wonderfully tasty treat sticks, made only from natural ingredients.  They are hard baked to make your pet work for their treat helping to keep them stimulated for days.Composition- Cereals, seeds, fennel, vegetables including carrot nuts egg and egg products ( used to bind sticks together)..
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