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Hagen - LW Deluxe Guinea Pig Starter Kit

Living World Deluxe Guinea Pig Starter Kit provides all the essential items you need for your guinea pig. Includes a home, food dish, Fresh'N Comfy Bedding, Classic Food for Guinea Pigs, tasty treats, water bottle, salt lick stone and a fun chew. Easy to assemble; No tools required.

Cage : 78 cm L x 48 cm W x 50 cm H (30.7" x 18.9" x 19.7")

Key Features :

Includes necessary components as starter kit

Equipped with lead/zinc free cage that is easy to clean, food dish, highly absorbent bedding made of recycled paper, bag of guinea pig food, delicious donut and drop treats, leak proof water bottle , salt lick stone and carrot corn husk chew that helps improve dental care

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